A Nordic-inspired interior design brand - Blogpost by The Aesthetic Eye

A Nordic-inspired interior design brand - Blogpost by The Aesthetic Eye


Nordic-inspired interiors have thrived for such a long time due to their inherent simple yet sophisticated character. Modern design is a part of Denmark's national identity as many of the designs of the 20th century have become archetypal icons that do not cease to amaze until today. A great number of today's Danish designers continue the tradition of sustainability, high quality and timelessness and bring a little extra to live up to the uneasy "burden" of the nation's design history. Needless to say that it is a hard task but Danish designers do not fall behind.

MALLING LIVING is an Aarhus based design studio whose founder, Rikke Malling, is a multi-talented person. Besides being a sommelier and a restaurant owner, Rikke comes from a family of architects, which brought her naturally to interior design. MALLING LIVING was founded in 2013 as a brand offering durable, timeless and effortless furniture and accessories.

Graphic lines and durable materials with raw and natural textures are almost atavistic features that are so symptomatic for Danish design. The whole MALLING LIVING accessories collection works with these principles, which makes it so easy to incorporate into any modern and a little minimalistic interior.

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