The designer behind MALLING LIVING - Rikke Malling


Rikke Malling comes from a family of architects and has an education as sommelier. In 2005, she and her husband Thorsten Schmidt opened the gourmet restaurant Malling & Schmidt, which they ran for a decade. In 2007, they expanded and opened their second restaurant named Nordisk Spisehus.

Rikke has always been fond of Nordic-inspired design in high quality. Since the opening of the two restaurants, she has styled, designed and produced most of the inventory of the restaurants to en- sure that the overall expression was exactly like she wanted.

During the years in the catering industry, Rikke became more aware of her inner entrepreneur, which in 2013 resulted in the foundation of MALLING LIVING.

Rikke Malling is driven by her curiosity, and she prioritizes good customer collaboration from start to finish. As Rikke consistently is looking for clean lines in her styling, you can always feel confident when choosing her to solve your styling job.

As interior designer and stylist, Rikke Malling has worked with various styles. With her educational and work-related background, Rikke has established a great foundation for her further work in inte- rior design and styling. The passion for classic design combined with new trends, functionality, color
and quality, Rikke creates a clear line of style in all of her designs as well as the places she styles.


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